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Making quality lab science accessible to distance learners. Our state-of-the-art kits reflect the same level of sophistication and safety as any experiment your students would conduct in a face-to-face lab facility. They contain everything your students need to conduct sophisticated science lab experiments within the comfort of their own home, from state-of-the-art lab equipment and small-scale quantities of chemicals to proper protective equipment and detailed instructions. Chemistry Kits Manufacturers, Chemistry Kits Exporters in India, Chemistry Kits Suppliers, Chemistry Kits Manufacturers in India, Chemistry Kits Suppliers in India

Balancing Chemical Equations Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11107

Introduce and reinforce balancing chemical equations with this model-based kit.

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Mystery Chemical Reactions Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11108

Introduce students to a method of identifying unknown chemicals by their reaction types.

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Like a Salt to a Flame

Product Code : EL-CK-11109

Explores the phenomenon of flame tests used in identifying certain metals by burning their salt compounds in a flame.

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Gas Laws Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11110

Use the ideal gas law to create physical models showing the effect of pressure on one mole of gas.

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Observing Ionizing Radiation Using a Cloud Chamber

Product Code : EL-CK-11111

Illustrate and explain what happens in the cloud chamber on a particulate level.

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Introduction to Stoichiometry Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11112

Employ stoichiometry to predict the amount of product a chemical reaction will produce.

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Iodine Clock Reaction Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11113

Illustrate and explain the iodine clock reaction on a molecular level.

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Petri Dish Electrolysis Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11114

Identify the role of electrolytes in the electrolysis of water.

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Blue Bottle Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11115

Develop and use a model to represent what happens in the blue bottle reaction.

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Super Water-Absorbent Polymers Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11116

Illustrate hydrogen bonding with water for each molecule.

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Crystal Garden Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11117

Illustrate and explain the silicate precipitation reactions on a molecular level.

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First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11118

Explain what the experimental results indicate about factors that affect heat transfer.

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Modeling Phase Change Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11119

Generate graphical models of temperature change in multiple compounds.

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Under Pressure Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11120

Create and label a drawing that explains how the reaction occurs on a particulate level.

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Energy Transformations with Irradiated Salt Kit

Product Code : EL-CK-11121

Illustrate and explain thermoluminescence on a particulate level.

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